Our Recommended List of the Best Plant Misters

Living indoors with plenty of thriving flora has its benefits. However, indoor gardening is not exactly a simple feat. We are talking about growing, living things who need proper sunlight exposure, humidity and sustenance in order to stay healthy and live longer. Plants differ though in terms of water intake—meaning, there are plants who require watering daily while some only need watering every few weeks. There are also some that require only a few mists of water. Thus, for this job, a plant mister is handy. Get the goods about plant misters in our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a plant mister?

    Answer: The plant mister is a type of gardening device which is filled with water that sprays or mists out a tiny amount of H2O. It is mainly used to water specific plants. It is also used to keep soil moist for seed germination, for fertilizing plants and removing dust, dirt and debris off of leaves.

  2. What are the other purposes of plant misters?

    Answer: The plant mister is great for regulating the humidity levels of separate plants or for a downsized plant ecosystem—like a terrarium for instance. If you live in a home that makes use of heating or air conditioning systems, then your plants may require a higher humidity rate since these technologies dehydrate the air by taking away water. Thus, the plant mister will come in handy to keep specific plants and systems like terrarium fresh, healthy and alive.

  3. What is the best plant mister for me?

    Answer: The best plant mister for you is something that matches the type of indoor plants you have. Standard plant misters produce a fine, moderate mist that is suitable for delicate and robust plans. If you tend tropical plants, which are sturdier or need to accommodate more, choose a heavy-duty plant mister. If you want something versatile, you can opt for mister with an adjustable nozzle. There are also plant misters that come in fancy-looking bottles which can serve as ornamental pieces for the home. Then again, cheap plastic spray bottles might even do the trick for you if you are so inclined. These plastic spray bottles also come in larger sizes so there’s no need to refill often.

Our Top Picks


Sally’s Organics Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels (2-Pack)

  • Durable spray bottle
  • Has UV protection
  • Safe for essential oils
  • Multipurpose mister

The Sally’s Organics Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Labels is a no-fuss mister that will work on indoor plants both small and huge. If you want something truly versatile, then this is the option for you. You can get lots of uses for these UV-protected spray bottles. The bottles come in a protective amber color plus it’s quite durable too since it will not be affected by stronger essential oils like citrus. It is also free from harmful substances like lead and BPA. It features 2 mist settings and it can serve as a spray for cleaning solutions, bug sprays, line sprays, air fresheners, pet sprays or as a simple plant mister.


OFFIDIX Glass Plant Mister

  • Decorative design
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and handy
  • Great for small plants

The OFFIDIX Glass Plant Mister is an ideal mister for smaller plants. It features a ring finger holder and a top pump, which was designed for simple usage. The device is portable and it’s a good mister for home and office use. This one is made from glass and includes a bronzed plastic top—the whole design is quite vintage in spirit, and it also makes for a great decorative piece. Ideal for use on herbs, succulents and other similar plants.


Casa Basic Indoor Indoor Watering Can with Spray Bottle

  • Spray bottle and watering can bundle
  • With long stem spout
  • Easy to fill watering can
  • Has 10oz plant mister

For those who love a great deal, do not miss the Casa Basic Indoor Indoor Watering Can with Spray Bottle. The set features a watering can with a long stem spout for easy waterflow control and accurate reach. The spray bottle comes with a capacity of 10oz, recommended for use on small potted green like flowering plants and succulents. Both items have nice, convenient designs—they look good, are lightweight, BPA-free, leakproof and very easy to store. The items also come in a clear color and feature measurement marks on its side so you can spot the water level without fuss.


Purism Style Plant Mister

  • Beautiful rose pink glass bottle
  • Handmade brass mist sprayer
  • Convenient plant mister
  • Decorative vintage style

Most ornamental plant misters are not exactly durable and easy to use. However, the Purism Style Plant Mister begs to differ—this one is an efficient and sturdy handmade brass plant mister with a container that is crafted from quality, strong pink glass. It also features a pretty vintage design which makes caring for your indoor plants extra-special. The mister is also a cinch to use—users only need to pump the device with their thumb, in the same manner you’d use a perfume bottle.


T4U Glass Plant Mister

  • Thick, durable glass spray
  • 200-ml capacity
  • Nordic vintage style mister
  • Easy to use

The T4U Glass Plant Mister is another eye-catching option for indoor gardeners who love pretty things. The mister is made from durable and thick glass material supplemented by an equally sturdy top pump, crafted from quality plastic. The whole built is leakproof and it’s very easy to use. You can deliver a fine mist by simply pressing down on the top pump. It’s not only designed to gently mist delicate and small plants but it’s also good for cleaning, sterilizing and as an aesthetic piece.


HIOVIOSS Hand Pump Plant Mister

  • With 2 in 1 adjustable nozzle
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent bottle
  • 2-liter capacity

The HIOVIOSS Hand Pump Plant Mister is your choice in case you need to take care of bigger, more robust plants or several green in a row. It features an adjustable nozzle too so you can get the spray intensity that you need. The handle has an ergonomic design for easy handling, carrying and comfort. It is also equipped with a clear bottle so you’ll know whether you need a refill. This small hand sprayer presents a generous 200-liter capacity and made from a combo of strong and durable, PP and PET materials.

Mist your indoor plants to good health. Make sure to give them the TLC they need so they will remain colorful, robust and full of life. Our list of plant misters may be just the thing you need to make easier buying decisions.