Maximize Limited Gardening Space with the Best Wall Mount and Railing Planters

The presence of greenery and flowers are relaxing and it makes one more productive too. If you want to incorporate more greenery and color in dwelling but do not have the space for it, you can still do so by taking advantage of your railings, fences or walls. The best wall mount and railing planters will help make your dream of growing and caring for plants a reality. We have made the best selections available for your perusal.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are wall mount and railing planters exactly?

    Answer: The wall mount and railing planters are meant to satisfy the needs of gardening enthusiasts who have limited space for gardens. Wall mount planters come in the form of pocket-style planters and individual plant baskets or pots. Railing planters are available in individual pots or baskets as well or as flower boxes.

  2. How do you hang railing planters correctly?

    Answer: If you want to use metal railing planters, ensure that you attach the planter carefully so it will not abrade or damage the railing or fence. Planters that come with rubber or plastic brackets are kinder though. Make good airflow happen by guaranteeing that the base of the planter between the railing has enough space. Prevent water from draining throughout the planter bottom by choosing railing planters with holes on its sides. Do not forget to secure the railing planter tightly so it will not fall off during windy weather.

  3. How do you secure a railing planter?

    Answer: For lightweight railing planters, you can tie the item with a chain or rope. For planters that are made from metal, resin, wood or plastic or have flat bottoms, they can benefit from semi-permanent methods like using screws. To prevent scratches or abrasions on the railing, use brackets with plastic or rubber coating. You can also make use of straddles—straddles are boxes designed to allow planters to be attached on the railing securely plus it also promotes better airflow and come with convenient drainage holes.

Our Top Picks


Tosnail 3-Pack Hanging Railing Planter

  • Has durable steel construction
  • With hanging bar and back support
  • Great for railings, fences, patios and porches
  • Decorative railing planters

Even if you live in an urban area with limited space for gardening, you can still follow that pursuit by using the Tosnail 3-Pack Hanging Railing Planter. This is a three-piece railing planter made from quality, strong and sturdy steel. The pack already comes with back support and a hanging bar for easier assembly. The convenient design not only makes gardening in small areas possible; it also helps flourish color once your flowering plants bloom.


ANGTUO Vertical Hanging Garden Planter with 6 Pockets

  • Hanging plant bag style
  • Made from eco-friendly felt materials
  • Recommended for herbs and flowering plants
  • For great décor

The ANGTUO Vertical Hanging Garden Planter with 6 Pockets makes your gardening dreams happen even in limited spaces—this one can be suspended on the wall for a neat gardening assembly. The great thing about this type of planter though is that it allows you to combine your choice suitable plants in it from flowering plants, herbs down to vegetable or fruit-bearing greenery. The design for this one also presents sufficient space for sunlight and plants to thrive.


Mintcraft Wall Mount Planter Coco

  • Wall-mount planter
  • Comes with coco lining
  • Includes mounting hooks
  • Has durable steel

The Mintcraft Wall Mount Planter Coco is one affordable and convenient way to grow plants without a plot or pot. It already comes with mounting hooks for the installation and it also features durable steel to contain heavier soil and green. The planter also comes with thick, environment-friendly coco liner which retains moisture in the soil for a longer period of time, thus the plant will need minimal watering. The planter will look great next to your wall or railing too.


Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter

  • Includes 36 pockets
  • Made from strong, breathable felt material
  • Makes plant transplants easy
  • Great for flowering plants, herbs and succulents

Create the perfect space for your herbs, succulents and flowering plants through the Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter. This generous 36-pocket outdoor wall planter is an ideal system for urban gardeners—create separate assemblies of herbs, flowering plants or vegetable-bearing plants or why not mix all of them in one planter if you prefer? This planter is also made from strong felt material. To support different installation methods, the planter was also designed with durable metal grommets.


LOVOUS Large 3 PCS Iron Hanging Flower Pots

  • Comes in different colors
  • Iron planter pot style
  • With drainage hole at bottom
  • Includes removable hook

The LOVOUS Large 3 PCS Iron Hanging Flower Pots is a set of planters in varying colors—this one will add some bright hues in your fence or railing. It can be hung on indoor railings too, the balcony and the window. The pots all include a removable hook and it’s ideal for small potted plants. The pots were also equipped with a drainage hole at the bottom. The pots are also versatile since you can use it as a container for personal items other than serving as planters. Very easy to work with and the size is just enough.


Esschert Design USA BPH51 Cast Iron Wall Planter

  • Half round design
  • Includes coconut fiber liner
  • Eye-catching Victorian scroll motif
  • Won’t require assembly

The Esschert Design USA BPH51 Cast Iron Wall Planter has a pretty Victorian scroll design which adds an elegant touch to your wall or fence. The planter is crafted from durable and hardwearing cast iron. The half round design was meant to stay flush with walls or fences and the Victorian scroll motif finishes the whole ensemble. The coconut fiber liner also presents excellent drainage and better airflow since the material is quite porous. Does not require any assembly.

City gardening enthusiasts who live in small apartments or homes need to make do with available space they have if they want to grow greenery around their living spaces. To maximize space, wall mount and railing planters were designed. Now you can have your flowers and leafy plants all-year round with some help from these nifty gardening items.